If you commonly use the same fluids, premed, and induction medications, it would be convenient to save this information as a template. 

For this, please create an anesthetic sheet. On the Preoperative page, add Procedure, Pre-med, Induction, Additional med & IV Fluids, etc. Please indicate the appropriate Dose and Maintenance rate for all parameters to get correct calculations. 

Once this information has been added, tap on the Start button next to the parameter name. When the Preoperative page is filled out, tap the Save button to move to the anesthetic sheet. 

NOTE: You can add and save as much or as little information on an anesthetic sheet template as you would like. 

While you are in the Editing Mode, you can also add all the required Monitoring, Agent, Fluid, Medication, and Other parameters. Please find more details HERE. 

NOTE: Intervals can't be saved as a part of the Anesthetic sheet template. When creating a new anesthetic sheet, the preoperative page will always display the same interval that was chosen in the previous anesthetic sheet. 

Once you have added in all parameters you require for your template you should save it. To do this stay in Editing Mode, tap Menu (...) button > Save as Template:

The Save as Template pop up window will appear, please enter the name for this template here and click Save:

NOTE: Please be aware that in some cases you won't be able to overwrite the template because of its Setting (in this case you will notice the lock icon next to its name). Please contact your manager to unlock editing as described HERE, or save the current template under a different name:

This template will now be saved and available for you to select from the Preoperative page:

It is very simple to delete any template that is not in use, please read THIS article for more details.

We hope you found this information useful!